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I got Stephanie Tanner! You aren’t afraid to mix it up with your look and you wish scrunchies would come back in style. You’re a witty, sarcastic, badass dancing machine, and you always have the perfect comeback. You keep people on their toes because you’re always two steps ahead. Gretchen Weiners should take a look at your playbook on how to make catchphrases happen.  Which "Full House" Sister Are You?

Which "Full House" Sister Are You?

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I got: Stephanie Tanner! You are fun, loving, and ambitious. You like to travel and try new things. You are always happy to come home to those who love you, but love anything exciting and thrilling to occupy your free time! Which Fuller House Character Are You?

Which Fuller House Character Are You?

Stephanie’s long pointelle cardigan on Fuller House.  Outfit Details: #FullerHouse
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If you're feeling like we've reached peak Full House excitement, we definitely have, but the show was so darn great, it's totally deserving of it. There's so many things to love about the original show, and even though fashion seems like it wouldn't

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When she kept it short and simple.

20 Times Stephanie Tanner Was The Baddest Bitch On "Full House"

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