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Stanley Joseph Drapeau

“The Soiling of Old Glory,” Stanley J. Forman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph. Boston, April 5, 1976.


The Soiling of Old Glory - April 5, 1976 - Protesters of desegregation busing in Boston attack lawyer and activist Ted Landsmark - by Stanley Forman

President Garfield and his wife are entombed in the Garfield Memorial in Ohio. This photo shows the caskets of President James A. Garfield (covered with a US flag) and his wife, Lucretia Rudolph Garfield (1832-1918), both on biers. In the urns at the head of the caskets are one of their daughters, Mary Mollie Garfield Stanley-Brown (1867-1947) and her husband Joseph Stanley-Brown (1858-1948).

Valor awards for Joe R. Bibby Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism while participating in aerial flights as a pilot attached to Marine Fighter Squadron VMF-214

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14 Times The Entire Country Was Looking At Massachusetts In Suspense And Awe

9. When busing programs to integrate Boston public schools sparked white boycotts and violent demonstrations in 1974.


Stanley J. Forman's photo of Joseph Rakes (17yo So. Boston) attacking Theodore Landsmark. I've been thinking about this photo a lot because of the hate speech in the election- racism's everywhere, and GOP has been watering this weed for a long time- how's that fruit coming along?

The Soiling of Old Glory is a Pulitzer Prize–winning photograph taken for the Boston Herald American in 1976 by Stanley Forman. The photograph depicts a white teenager, Joseph Rakes, trying to assault black lawyer and civil-rights activist Ted Landsmark with a flagpole bearing the American flag. It was taken in Boston on April 5, 1976, during one in a series of protests against court-ordered desegregation busing. It ran on the front page of the Herald American the next day, and also appeared…