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Stanley Cavell

Sandra Laugier - Recommencer la philosophie. Stanley Cavell et la philosophie en Amérique (2014)

A LA RECHERCHE DU BONHEUR. Hollywood ou la comédie du remariage Stanley Cavell

À la recherche du bonheur • La vie aux hasards • Amour, Couple, Charlotte Rampling, Cavell, Stanley Cavell, Sandra Laugier • Philosophie magazine

Aesthetic Problems of Modern Philosophy / Stanley Cavell

Stanley Cavell, "Thinking About and Eating Animals"

The Essay as a Pedagogical Form: Teacher Education and Stanley Cavell’s Ordinary Language Philosophy

Stanley Cavell and the Education of Grownups Edited by Naoko Saito, and Paul Standish

The world viewed : reflections on the ontology of film : Stanley Cavell - WTT 3FA Cav