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Stage Centaure

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Montpellier Danse 2011: Le centaure, Bartabas et Ko Murobushi

Bartabas on the horse with butoh dancer Ko Murobushi in The Centaur and The Animal, photo by Nabil Boutros. Holy chills. So powerful


"Le Centaure et l'animal" de Bartabas et Ko Murobushi


With five Aerojet Rocketdyne AJ-60A solid rocket boosters on the side, an Atlas V rocket delivered a US Navy satellite, MUOS-5, to orbit on June 24th 2016. The rocket flew in its largest configuration, with a five meter payload fairing, the aforementioned five SRBs, and one Centaur upper stage engine. Liftoff occurred on time at 10:30am on a beautiful, clear, summer morning. Mission description, per United Launch Alliance: "The fifth Mobile User Objective System (MUOS-5) satellite is the…


How beautiful. Just over one year ago: Atlas V launches MUOS-4 satellite into the pre-dawn sky, creating a spectacular display across Florida's Space Coast. The MUOS-4 spacecraft brought advanced, new, global communications capabilities to mobile military forces, as well as ensure continued mission capability of the existing Ultra High Frequency satellite communications system. This mission was launched aboard an Atlas V Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) 551 configuration vehicle…

Hoof boots, great tutorial pics. This seems like it would look awesome but it would be the least comfortable things I have ever worn to a convention ever.


Centaur (rocket stage) - Wikiwand