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St Guilhem Le Desert

from Travels France

Places to Visit around Montpellier : St Guilhem le desert guide

St Guilhem le désert is certainly one of the most beautiful villages close to Montpellier


Pont du Diable: Amazing gorges for adventure swims and jumps. Close to exquisite St-Guilhem-le-Désert and its famous caves.


Saint Guilhem le Desert, South of France "This one is a view of an old wooden door taken from a vaulted porch in St Guilhem le Desert. You can remark that a plant is hanged to the door. This is a kind of thistle kown as carlina acaulis, or "barometer". Effectively, when the weather is good, the plant opens widely its leafs (as it is the case on the photograph), and when comes a rainy day, it closes all. People believe that it works also when the plant is dead and hanged to the door of a…


Coat of Arms, Late 13th or Early 14th century, French, stone -- [arms] of Guillaume V (de Moustuéjouls), Abbot of St.-Guilhem-le-Désert, 1287-1302, or of Raymond V (de Moustuéjouls), Abbot in 1318; of Reinoso (Spain)


Saint Guilhem le Desert, (our favourite village), this stunningly picturesque medieval village is rated in the top 10 of France’s most beautiful villages and is a 25 minute drive from La Cardabelle, a drive that takes you meandering through vineyards before arriving at the Georges de Herault, drive over the Pont du Diable ( The Devils Bridge) and within 5 minutes you arrive at St. Guilhem le Desert, prepare your selves for something really special!