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Sri Lanka Drapeau

The Nayaks of Kandy were the rulers of Sri Lanka with Kandy as their capital from 1739 to 1815. They were also the last dynasty to rule Sri Lanka. They were related to the Madurai Nayak dynasty and to the Tanjore Nayak dynasty. There were four kings of this lineage and the last king, Vikrama Rajasinha, was captured by the British and exiled to Vellore Fort in India.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Lonely planet


Trouvez les meilleures offres parmi 2 611 hôtels au Sri Lanka #Comparer


Drapeau Sri Lanka Made In France by Manufêtes


A colorier, un superbe dessin du drapeau du Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka (Consigne : Utiliser le drapeau comme un sketch, garder une couleur et pas de personnage).

Le drapeau du Sri Lanka. #endirect #srilanka #zagausrilanka

Drapeaux Sri-Lanka 100x150cm

Un garde d'honneur chinois porte un drapeau lors d'une cérémonie d'accueil du Premier ministre du Sri Lanka à Pékin, en Chine