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Clap de Nozette ,attention aux yeux !

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The Pinterest scams draw your attention with freebie offers or enticing photos. Clicking on them automatically redirects you to a phishing site where you enter personal details into legit-looking surveys. Of course, you'll never receive the promised goods, but the scammers will use your personal details for more nefarious purposes.

social media 2014 stats 2014 : les derniers chiffres des médias sociaux !

social media 2014 stats 2014 : les derniers chiffres des médias sociaux !

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Snapchat has become the go-to platform for brands ahead in the marketing game. Unlike Instagram, which has universal adoption, Snapchat presence is a point of differentiation for brands. The semi-emerging platform has just over 50% adoption rate in the digitally forward Fashion and Beauty industries. (The Sportswear category has the highest adoption rate: 70% of brands are present on the platform.)

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Even as brands like Burberry, Chanel and Louis Vuitton are building buzz via Snapchat with videos and posts that target millennials, luxury marketers should be wary about going all-in on the app, according to digital marketing execs who spoke about high-end brands on a panel at South by Southwest Interactive. Luxury marketers—which have traditionally been slower than others to adapt to digital—are working Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, but unlike others, they're still trying to nail down…

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If you want mental health services to prevent violence, Medicaid expansion is critical.

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