Slovensky cuvac | Slovensky Cuvac

The Slovak Cuvac is a Slovak breed of dog, bred for use as a livestock guard dog. This mountain dog—also known as Slovensky Cuvac, Slovak Chuvach, Tatransky Cuvac and Slovensky Kuvac—is closely related to the Hungarian Kuvasz.

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Chien Slovensky cuvac

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The Slovensky Cuvac is a powerful, calm, loyal flock guardian. It is a fearless defender of its territory and "pack," whether it is humans or animals. These dogs have been known to be dramatically affectionate with members of their own family, but reserved with and even suspicious of strangers. They are wonderful with children in their own family

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Slovensky Cuvac

Slovak Cuvac / Slovensky Cuvac / Slovenský čuvač / Slovak Chuvach / Tatransky Cuvac / Slovensky Kuvac / Tchouvatch

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Slovenský Čuvač | Novinky‚ News

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Slovensky Cuvac

Slovensky Čuvač.

Slovensky Cuvac dog breed

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