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Sir William Wallace

Sir William Wallace (Medieval Gaelic: Uilliam Uallas; modern Scottish Gaelic: Uilleam Uallas; Norman French: William le Waleys;[1] died 23 August 1305) was a Scottish Noble and landowner who became one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence.[2]


Sir William Wallace (c/1270's-1305) was instumental in securing freedom to Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence that began in the late 13th century AD.

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Braveheart [film 1995]


National Wallace Monument, commemorating Sir William Wallace.


Sir William Wallace memorial - London

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William Wallace, Braveheart - The True Story

Statue de William Wallace près du monument de Wallace à Stirling, en Ecosse.

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Les 100 coiffures les plus stylées du cinéma

"She was my wife. We married in secrete because I would not share her with a nobleman. They killed her to get to me." -Braveheart Do you know who is this man ?? That you don't know this man, you don't actually know any great man ♡_♡ Latest word for William Wallace is (( freedom ))


Sir William Wallace: 700th Anniversary of Execution in London, 1305-2005

The Rack, Tower of London. An evil torture demonstrated in the movie BRAVEHEART. William Wallace was tortured on 'the rack.'