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Sioux Pinned by indus® in honor of the indigenous people of North America who have influenced our indigenous medicine and spirituality by virtue of their being a member of a tribe from the Western Region through the Plains including the beginning of time until tomorrow

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Studio profile of Louie, Sitting Bull's son. Hunkpapa Sioux, wearing a war bonnet. Photograph by D. F. Barry, 188?. The pronunciation of Hunkpapa is something like: Hunk - par - per.

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sioux quillwork | Native headdress with feathers as rewards for "heroic actions"

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Chef Yellow Shirt - Sioux Hunkpapa - Frank Rinehart en 1898

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Lakota Sioux Hunting Dance

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Sioux Nation Pictographs Meanings

Kicking Bear Sioux Indian Teaches Son Bow & Arrow, Native American

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Des Sioux on attaquer le train de nos voyageurs. Les Sioux voulait prendre tous les choses des passagers alors Mr.Fogg et un fort qui s'appelle Kearny ont aider a batter la bande des sioux pour qu'ils peuvent pas prendre des choses des passagers - David

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Clear - Omaha Southern Sioux

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