750g vous propose la recette "Smoothie aux myrtilles sauvages à la noix de coco" publiée par Coopérative des myrtilles sauvages du Canada.

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Plaisirs Laitiers est une bonne source de recettes et d’infos sur les produits laitiers, le lait, le fromage, le yogourt, la crème glacée, le beurre et la crème

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Mon mix pâtisserie sans gluten et sans maïs - Cuisine saine

Skip the expensive coffee shop and learn how to make pumpkin coffee creamer at home with REAL pumpkin puree, not pumpkin flavoring!

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The Virgin Diet advocates removing 7 foods from your diet for 3 weeks to determine your food intolerances. Promises you'll lose 7 lbs in the first week and keep the weight off.

Raspberry and Coconut Muesli Overnight Oats- Granola's healthier sidekick muesli is wholesome and delicious mixed with chia seeds, raspberries, nondairy milk, almonds, and maple syrup. Learn more delicious overnight oat recipes at redbookmag.com.

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This green smoothie is chock full of nutritional dark leafy greens but you'd never know it from the flavor.

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Coffee Good for: Headache Studies show that 200 milligrams of caffeine — about the amount in 16 ounces of brewed coffee — provides relief from headaches, including migraines. But keep in mind that relying on caffeine long-term can backfire, since habitual coffee drinkers usually suffer withdrawal headaches when they cut back on the caffeine

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Smoothie bowls // In need of a detox tea? Get 10% off your teatox order using our discount code 'Pinterest10' on www.skinnymetea.com.au X

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Are you looking for an easy and healthy green smoothie recipe? This Apple Spinach Green Smoothie recipe is easy to make and packed with nutrients and flavor.

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