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She must love my sloppy seconds...dirty skank

You're like the evil queen. (Wicked stepmother)

Iv heard it all. But your sooooo special hahah don't worry princess it will all crash down on you

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:) Who knew someone in this world could be so stupid to believe such a liar. But as my husband says, "it's not a lie if someone is so delusional as to believe their own bullshit." Jimmy's very insightful.

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Hahaha exactly right you can have my sloppy seconds bitch... Well they ain't sloppy, in don't look for a relationship w every guy I meet

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Think I care you're with him? Sweetie you just got My sloppy seconds

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You wanted my sloppy seconds so bad that you ruined our friendship. But that's ok your fake and he sucks in bed. But I am completely happy and loved.

Keep my sloppy seconds, or is that a problem for you whores ?

Get over yourself sweetheart , you're not that special! You're nothing but sloppy seconds and now has skeletons in her closet. I can sleep at night. I didn't do anything wrong.

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