Voici un tableau simple et facile à comprendre pour vous souvenir quelles émotions sont en relation avec quels chakras. Pour savoir comment renforcer ou, au contraire calmer certaines émotions, ou organes ou glandes endocrines, lisez les articles détaillés sur les chakras ici sur Nirvana Santé : CHAKRAS ET REIKI
Kids are natural explorers, they are constantly thirsty for knowledge and curiosity is their thing. It's really important to feed your child's need for answers and learning new things. As you know kids get bored very easily, so to teach them something, it has to be fun. Here we have some cool and entertaining science experiments you can try with your kids. They will learn a lot of new things while playing.

15 Cool Science Activities To Do With Your Kids

Art Print Barnacular série n 9 noir et blanc par micromacrostudio

Art Print "Barnacular série n° 9" noir et blanc décoration murale inspirée par la Nature

Le soleil crée de jolies ombres sur le sol, profitez-en pour organiser une séance de dessin en plein air avec les enfants !

Dessiner avec les ombres des arbres

This upcylcled and naturally sourced DIY rainstick musical sensory bottle will help children learn self-regulation skills. This rainstick calm down bottle is a musical instrument that is fun to watch and listen to. It makes the sound of pitter-patting rain when tipped from top to bottom. Discovery bottles are also great for no mess safe sensory play for kids. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can safely investigate small objects without the risk of choking.

DIY Rainstick Musical Sensory Bottle

Créatures de linfra-ordre des cétacés-vintage par kelzuki sur Etsy
Créatures de lordre des Strigiformes-vintage par kelzuki sur Etsy
Science and Nature Get a Retro-Modern Make Over In This New Art Show

Science and Nature Get a Retro-Modern Make Over In This New Art Show

Créatures de l'ordre des lépidoptères-vintage par kelzuki sur Etsy
The Walking Rainbow science experiment should have been easy, but due to a mistake we discovered a fascinating capillary action and natural balance project. via @steampoweredfam

Walking Rainbow science experiment - You Shall Not Pass!