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Sarah Pailin

big failure

Game Change - Movie Review

Game Change Not easy to portray Sarah Pailin Is it different this time round

Who this guy think he is? I know who this guy is hhe was a tenured professor at UC. Get off his duff ride his own bike to raise awareness for rail trail building same as you. People like and for instance Sarah Pailin needs to get off her butt too go Show off that fine figure and pretty face get her ducks in line sister go riding with Boys


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There's a special kind of scary crazy when Sarah Pailin opens her mouth. She spews such odd sentences filled with blame, deflection and mumbo jumbo. Good lord what a train wreck. How can people actually support this mess of a hater?!

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Sarah Pailin and Obama

Sarah Palin Compared to Jesus

Sarah and a gun.

11/08/13: Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska were guests at a Puppy Jake Foundation pre-Veterans’ Day reception Friday evening at the home of Robin and Dave Lickteig in Cumming on Friday night. Lee and Palin are in Iowa to speak at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s 13th Annual Friends of the Family Banquet Saturday night...

Sarah Pailin

Sarah Palin and Barack Obama on Dancing With The Stars…

chad palin | Sarah Palin and Barack Obama on Dancing With The Stars… | Zwinglius ...

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