Remember, too, that dean is old enough to remember home-cooked meals (that's his heaven...) and that he had it once before... with Lisa & Ben (remember him grilling?)

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Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki). i love Dean. Seriously. I'd say it's a problem but no, I think this reaction is perfectly normal.

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Sam and Dean #Supernatural I feel like this picture sums up their relationship as brothers so well.

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Supernatural anime style <3

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That look!!! Dean Winchester

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Chevrolet Impala 1967, I really really want this car! its Sam and Deans from Supernatural!

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Winchesters + words

Winchesters + words

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Quand j'annonce à une agence de com que c'est eux qui ont gagné l'appel d'offre.

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Supernatural - I have an old ad from a magazine when the show was premiering. You open it and the Impala engine starts and the headlights light up.

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