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Déjà, les enfants disposaient de “tablettes” à l’école. Des tablettes sans la Wifi et sans soucis de batterie. noperfectdayforbananafish: A Clean Slate (by GaryTumilty)


Most anti-paladins are abducted as children after a raid. Those that survive the ordeal of childhood in an anti-paladin order are typically so warped by the experience that the title of anti-paladin has an appeal that they cannot deny. Many take their ascension to anti-paladinhood with pride bordering on hubris, and some are outright insane. Some anti-paladins who hail from particularly corrupt societies are forced into an anti-paladin order by their parents to maintain the family…


I wanted this one for my first car.... Dad sold it for $50. bucks to cover the rent... in 1968... Oye, Later that same year he came home with a brand new Bus, the $85K one in today market, you know the one with all the windows... Rag top, white over blue... Oh, to have both of them now.... Whoa.... Amazing

à partir de MilK decoration

Chez la créatrice de Roseanna

Chez la créatrice de Roseanna | MilK decoration