The Simple Sabotage Field Manual, declassified in the 1970s

Par adbusters Le détournement publicitaire désigne la pratique de la satire ou de la parodie des campagnes publicitaires et politiques, dans le but d'en déformer le message original pour le critiquer. Il peut utiliser de nouvelles images ou bien modifier des images existantes. Il peut être utilisé comme élément d'ingénierie sociale ou faire partie d'un détournement culturel.

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Instagram is an example of culture jamming because the sole reason put pictures up on there is to earn likes. They put up pictures of their animals, food, selfies, etc. just to get likes from other people they may or may not know. A majority of the posts are pointless because no one really cares what other people post. They hope that if they like their picture, then they will get a like in return. It proves how vapid and selfish our society is. Source: AHDaley January 24, 2013

interested in sabotage more generally? Try the CIAs 1944 Simple Sabotage Field Manual.

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Honest labels by Adbusters

Victoria's Secret "PINK LOVES COSENT" Anti-Rape Campaign Turns Out to Be a (Brilliant) Hoax

For this quiz, find and post an example of Culture Jamming and relate it to the Lasn reading before next class. Please attach your posts as comments to this post, and make sure to include your name…

July 2012. A guerrilla campaign led by 26 international artists, including Banksy collaborator Paul Insect, have covered existing outdoor ads with their own work to "challenge the destructive impacts of the advertising industry". The 'Brandalism' campaign was provoked the strict enforcement of branding regulations for the London 2012 Olympics. #Sponsorship, #London2012

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