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10 Minute No Equipment Full Body Warm Up

Remplissez ces 10 minutes d'échauffement de routine pour préparer votre corps tout entier pour une séance d'entraînement. Réchauffez vos muscles et articulations, augmenter votre rythme cardiaque et de brûler la graisse du corps avec ces exercices d'aérobie.

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poids de la cheville séance d'entraînement pour faire à la maison

8 Exercises to Target Your Lower Abs

poids de la cheville séance d'entraînement pour faire à la maison

Donkey kick lying on the floor

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How To Stretch for Beginners, Safe Stretches for Full Body Yoga, Back & Leg Pain Relief, Sciatica - YouTube

THIS WORKS !! I add more reps as I also wear ankle weights . 5lbs

Don't jump into the exercises they have online. Jumping jacks aren't good if you have knee ankle, lower back problems. The jackknife exercise where you're lying flat & you sit up & touch your toes not good. You should never teeter on your spine. If you use a computer this uses your forearms & your neck you need not work them out be careful putting your arms over head with weights will only hurt your neck & shoulder & do more damage then working out. Use other methods to work out those areas.

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Lower Body Beginner Workout For Women

Lift, round and firm your backside with this beginner workout for women. A 25 minute lower body routine to help you sculpt your glutes and trim body fat.

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Fat Burner Full Body Workout For Women

Burn body fat and increase your endurance with this bodyweight routine for women. A 30 minute full body workout to sculpt your body and boost your metabolism.

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Flexibility Exercises

Stretch your entire body with this set of flexibility exercises. A static stretching routine to improve joint range of motion and stretch muscles and tendons.

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5 Minute Full Body Cool Down Exercises

Stretch and relax your entire body with this 5 minute routine. Cool down exercises to increase muscle control, flexibility and range of motion. Have fun!

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