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Ainsley Rodriguez - a look into her workout routine and diet


Bender Bikini Competition Diet | Bender Fitness

This is what I eat to lose weight on a high carb vegan diet with no added salt, sugar, or added oils. I have experienced the most success with SOS free, also known as salt free, oil free, and sugar free. I am losing weight fast, definitely faster than ever before. I have more energy and more motivation to work out. I feel like my body is working really efficiently and my recovery time after working out is much faster.

Are you interested in doing a Fitness Competition? Learn how I set up my Bikini Competition Diet and Workouts, what I did for Peak Week and more!

#transformation #motivationmonday I am grateful to #transform my life inside and out. To take 100% responsibility for my life and exercise the right to vote and the right to change. Is change easy? Nope. Is it worth it ? Yes. Everyone's journey is different. Mine is no different. Yet what remained constant is the attitude of persistence failing forward and learning until @herbalife #1 global nutritional brand found me and 1 year later I decided to compete @teamedge1 help others…

Perfect 4 week Bikini plan it would just be hard for me since there are quite a few items here that my tummy doesnt agree with