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Rubik Cube Solution

Attention, le cube le plus célèbre de la planète revient en force. Pour ne pas perdre la face, il vous faudra faire preuve de réflexion, de logique et... de patience. Car si des milliards de combinaisons sont possibles, il n'existe qu'une seule solution. Un casse-tête "carrément" prenant !

A robot can solve a Rubiks Cube in 637 milliseconds A robot called the Sub1 Reloaded can unscramble a Rubiks Cube in 637 milliseconds considerably less than the fastest human time of 4.9 seconds. The robot built by self-driving chipmaker Infineon uses six motors to turn and twist the cube after another computer scans it solves the puzzle virtually. The arms quickly begin to move the cube into a solved position. The robot is so fast that you can barely see the sides moving as it resolves…

The date is 1974. The place? Budapest, Hungary. Erno Rubik, a passionate lecturer and admirer of geometry and 3D forms creates the world's most addictive and perfect puzzle - the Rubik's cube.


Tutoriel : Résoudre le rubik's cube (solution complète pour débutants)


How to solve a rubik's cube...I used to know how to do this!

Rubik's Cube Solution by VikramRaj4ever


to be honest I was never interested in this thing, but now I know there is simply a trick I am quite interested in trying it

algorithm solving the Rubic's cube