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One of my ABSOLUTE favorite things to do in Photoshop is to play with lighting effects. Whether that be to make something glow, create a spotlight sort of effect, or set my hands on fire, I’m always so impressed with the many ways Photoshop allows you to alter lighting. Because of the skills I’ve gathered for [...]


The First Photographic Portrait Image of a Human Ever Produced

Unknown man, daguerreotype by Robert Cornelius, c. 1839.  Submitted by 50s60sand70s


ca. 1843, [Self-portrait daguerreotype of Robert Cornelius with laboratory instruments], Robert Cornelius. via the George Eastman House Collection, Still Image Archive


The earliest known photograph taken in North America — in October or November 1839. It is a self portrait by Robert Cornelius (1809-1903)


Un des premiers selfie de l'histoire (1839)


Robert Cornelius at Historic Camera - History Librarium

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The first photographic portrait image of a human ever produced, 1839