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Suzy (Moonrise Kingdom)


Sir Robert Anderson, Assistant Commissioner CID in 1888. Made several contentious statements about the identity of the Ripper after retirement: "...he had been safely caged in an Asylum" (1902), and that stating that the Ripper was a Polish Jew he was "Stating....a fact." (1910 in his autobiography)

Bob Marley : Son interview d'outre-tombe

5. Smiling – At the expense of sounding like a saccharine Hallmark greeting card, smiling goes a long way these days. You can light up an entire room or even help change the consciousness of the planet with a smile now and then. Besides, medical studies have shown that smiling slows down the aging process. (smile) Well, I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere and if not, there’s probably a grain of truth in it anyway. Oh just smile will you!


Robert Anderson | Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame


Le Cercle des poètes disparus

Le Cercle des poètes disparus est un film de Peter Weir avec Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke. Synopsis : Todd Anderson, un garçon plutôt timide, est envoyé dans la prestigieuse académie de Welton, réputée pour être l'une des plus fermées et austères des É


Homosexuality was a taboo subject in 1956 Hollywood. So it was a challenge for screenwriter Robert Anderson to adapt his…

Sir Robert Anderson On Ripper case 1888

General Robert Anderson (1805 - 1871) during the Civil War | Civil War Academy


Brilliant shots of winter landscapes in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Cinematography by Robert Yeoman.


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