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Richard Woodville

Marshal Ney charging with the Horse Genadiers of the Guard at Eylau


18 May 1497 - Death of Katherine Woodville,She was the sister-in-law of King Edward IV of England and gave birth to several illustrious children. Catherine was the daughter of Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers, and Jacquetta of Luxembourg. When her sister Elizabeth married King Edward IV, the King elevated and promoted many members of the Woodville family. Elizabeth Woodville's household records for 1466/67 indicate that Catherine was being raised in the queen's household.


17 May 1521 - Edward Stafford was executed.He was an English nobleman. He was the son of Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, and Katherine Woodville, whose sister, Queen Elizabeth Woodville, was the wife of King Edward IV.


Napoleon on the bank of the river Litava awarded medals for bravery shown by a…

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Elizabeth Woodville and Son, Richard, Duke of York

Elizabeth Woodville Picture Gallery: Elizabeth Woodville and Son, Richard, Duke…

Portrait of Sir Richard Southwell by Hans Holbein. The Uffizi, Florence.

Portrait présumé de Isabelle du Portugal, par son mariage duchesse de Bourgogne, par Jan van Eyck