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Richard Woodville

Marshal Ney charging with the Horse Genadiers of the Guard at Eylau


Elizabeth of York - Daughter, wife, sister and mother of Kings. She was called, "The Queen of Hearts" and was the queen whose portrait was the inspiration for the Queen of Hearts in English card packs.


12 mars 1854 : Prélude à la guerre de Crimée

Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers and his wife, Jaquetta of Luxembourg. They are the parents of Elizabeth Woodville and Prince Arthur's maternal great-grandparents. Richard was a knight in the household of Jacquetta's first husband, the Duke of Bedford, whom she married after the Duke died and had something like 14 children with. Love this story!


Richard Caton Woodville (1825 – 1855) Scene In A Bar Room

Duke of Marlborough leads the British Cavalry into action at the Battle of Ramillies 12th May 1706 in the War of the Spanish Succession: picture by Richard Caton Woodville

Richard Caton Woodville, 'Napoleon Crossing the Bridge to Lobau Island' 1912

1469. Edward IV sits on the English throne, in no small part due to the support of the magnificent Warwick — the Kingmaker. At his right hand stands young Richard of Gloucester, whose slight frame and young age belie his strength of will. His unprepossessing features hide the fierceness with which he defends those he loves, from Edward to Warwick’s youngest daughter, Anne, with whom he grew up. All is not well in Edward’s kingdom. His marriage to Elizabeth Woodville, a woman disliked by…

London Regiment 01b City battalions 1910 - 6-LR (London Rifles) (Richard Caton Woodville) alamy version.jpg