La face cachée du Quai d’Orsay: Affaires juteuses et entre-soi

Le secret pour réussir des poitrines de poulet juteuses et tendres à tout coup. (L'angoisse #1 de la jeune maman qui fait ses purées: Est-ce que c'est assez cuit? Est-ce que c'est assez goûteux? Ce sera pas trop sec?)

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Elles sont primatologue ou urbaniste, elle se battent pour sauver des lémuriens, soigner les enfants autistes grâce aux chevaux ouLire la suite ➔

The increasing push for vaccines might have an even more sinister agenda than what has been theorized so far. And a whole bunch of doctors are now dead.

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29CM STYLE BOOK #nastyhabit 이름 : 하와이안 기러기 / Hawaiian Goose 서식지 : 하와이의 모래 언덕 멸종 요인 : 특유의 울음 소리로 원주민들이 ‘네네’라고 불렀지만, 하와이 인구가 증가하며 그 울음을 듣기 어려워졌습니다. 인간에게 밀려 서식지가 부족하고, 알과 새끼를 노리는 몽구스도 위협 요소입니다. animal photograph by

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"The landmark resolution adopted by the 120 member nations at the meeting is a big leap forward from the current approach to conservation, which has been based on where species live and their genes. ...the decision also means that an expert scientific advisory group can now be formed to look into this issue more closely, and that behaviour passed on within groups of whales and dolphins will start to be taken into consideration when we look at how best to conserve and protect some species."

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What's Good for the Goose

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Biomimétisme Idriss Aberkane

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Festival PHOTO La Gacilly - 2016 •

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