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800L; Age 10 & up Sofie meets five-year-old Pablo in the hospital where he was taken after his family was discovered crossing the border from Mexico to Arizona. The lone survivor of the border trek was suffering from dehydration. Sofie’s family takes Pablo in and cares for him while they try to make contact with his extended family in Mexico. When they finally are able to, Pablo has a very difficult decision to make.


Meet Amy Gumm, the other girl from Kansas. Spotlight | Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige


Eight-year-old Alice McKinley wants pierced ears, really long hair, a pet, and, most of all, a mother. Oh, and some friends would be nice. As the new girl in third grade, Alice doesn't know a single person in Takoma Park, Maryland, except for her next-door neighbor Donald Sheavers, who not only is a boy, but also seems to be a little bit peculiar!

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How To Steal A Dog

How To Steal A Dog - the story of a family's struggles, which include homelessness, poverty and living in their car. Georgina, the young daughter, sees a reward sign for a lost dog. She misguidedly thinks that if she steals a dog, waits for the reward sign to go up, and returns the dog, she will get enough money to give her mom a down payment for an apartment.

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Skin Deep

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Or "The Other Hand" on the other side of the pond.


by Scott Westerfeld