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A Key into the Language of America, by Rosmarie Waldrop: “[Roger] Williams's A Key into the Language of America was the first extensive vocabulary and study of an Indian language printed in English. Waldrop's Key is a return and a reinscription. She...intersplices, turns, overturns, plots, weaves and threads, line for line, at least three structural systems... Waldrop's A Key is a witty, and deeply moving, translation of sexual and textual division and witness.” — Susan Howe Keyword Domain Name Sale No Reserve Price logo art Included

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Headstone reinscription, recolouration, relettering, repainting - YouTube

Gay Bombs can be considered a reverse discourse, a reinscription, a mutating body politic, a multitude—literally, a queer terrorist assemblage of networked activists, plotting the redeployment of new technologically queer meanings, vulnerabilities, and sensibilities.

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Chapter 5 reminds me somewhat of old romance novels. The chapter discusses gender binaries that media has on us. 1). prepare our gender (like before we were born or social learning), 2). prescription reinforces the way the media rewards us for our gender. 3). Reinscription just takes gender to a whole new complex world.

The Simpsons and Reinscription

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''Amidst the destruction brought by the current political situation, Chichakli’s drawings and woodcuts offer a poignant look into the Damascus of years gone by. A professor at the city’s Fine Arts University, Chichakli first began drawing the city centre from memory. He employs the ‘tahsheer’ method of first drawing fine lines then going over them to darken an area, almost as if to bring back the past through a repeated gesture of reinscription. These black and white images are subsequently…

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