A few years back a friend wanted me to build a floating stereo for his yearly lazy river trip. We didn't have the funds at the time but since I opened up a stereo installation shop I've gotten access to tons of cheap and second hand parts. This year I got invited to go on a lazy river down the Wisconsin river so I knew it was the right time to build a prototype.The ice chest/cooler boom box has been done 1000 times so I knew I had to think of something different, and I didn't want to…

River Radio- Floating Stereo That ROCKS!

This boombox is made out of a car radio, salvaged speakers, and two 12V lead acid batteries. Plays for 9 hours continuously!

Make Your Own Boombox

Cooler Radio - Imgur

Cooler Radio

DIY Portable Stereo - Album on Imgur

DIY Portable Stereo

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River trip cooler radio

Cooler Radio

Point of Sale Displays Inc. Coca-Cola Cooler Radio (1949)
1940s Wooden Dr. Pepper Cooler Radio.