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Raiponce est juste magnifique avec ce toit de lumière au dessus de sa tête.

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Découvrez le travail somptueux de l'artiste Isabel Westling sur les Princesses Disney...

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Site officiel du magazine Disney Mag, magazine ludique pour les fans Disney (et ceux qui veulent le devenir !)

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blond, sensa, disney, princesse de Disney, moderne, obey, agréable, princesse, swag

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This is Harvard, but she goes by Harley. Harley is 14 and very attentive to things such as jewels and fancy designs. She is known as the weird girl but she does have some friends. She wants to be an only child but she will have siblings, as long as she gets a family. She has been in the adoption center since she was a baby so now it is urgent that someone adopts her.

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Disney Plus

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Raiponce en mode étudiante #disneysocialclub #aiponce #princessesdisney…

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Heehee, rapunzel's face after Maximus and pascal bring the rings while they're soaked in tar. Priceless!!

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This is Lenna. She is 9 know. She must have ran away with her little cousin because she washed up a shore with her. Lenna insists she is going to be adopted with her little cousin or not at all. Her cousins name is Katie. Both adopted by idenayhanna Copperbell of Arendell

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