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60 #idées pour une soirée à thème Harry Potter...

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Les règles du beer pong Plus

Get Over It Meme | Beer_Pong_get_your_balls_wet_175220738_std_Beer_Pong-s555x4.png

Harry Potter Quidditch Beer Pong

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7 Amazing New Rules for Your Beer Pong House Rules

The Rules Of Beer Pong – #Infographic

Download IPA / APK of Beer Pong HD: Drinking Game (Official Rules) for Free -

This game is definitely going to be the most liked activity by your guests. The rules remain the same as that of the beer pong. To make the game more Harry Potter-ish, make three rings on three stands as shown below and place them between the two cup-sets and the person should goal by passing the ball through the stands.

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Beer Pong Rules by Fosterding:

Making the Stripes Down the Table

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