Pyxis constellation

Pyxis constellation lies in the southern sky. It represents a mariner’s compass. It was one of the constellations created by the French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in the 18th century. Lacaille originally named the constellation Pyxis Nautica, but the name was later simplified to just Pyxis.

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Representation of the constellation Pyxis (© Sergii Tsololo/Getty Images)

NGC 2613 spiral galaxy 60 million lights years away towards Pyxis constellation

Constellation_Carina_Vela_Puppis_Pyxis_Argo_Navis.jpg (150×200)

Nébuleuse NGC 2818

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WAY OF STAR: Argo Navis constellation

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Spiral galaxy ESO 498-G5 in constellation Pyxis (The Compass)

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Pyxis: Named for compass - Formed from stars near Argos - Coming after ship.

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T Pyxidis is a nova remnant and recurrent nova in the constellation Pyxis. It is a binary star system. Because of their close proximity, the white dwarf continuously draws matter from the less massive star until it becomes unstable, causing another nova.

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