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Water Grass Basket/ Beach Basket / Eco Basket / Basket / Handmade Basket / Magazine Rack/ Summer Basket

Material: Water Grass Please Choose the size from Big or small from the picture. ***SMALL SIZE IS SOLD OUT. ONLY BIG SIZE IS AVAILABLE ***** Measurement: ✩ Big Size $58 Approx: 36cm x 28cm x 15cm. ( 14 inches X 11 inches x 6 inches ) ✩ Small Size $45 *** SOLD OUT, THANK YOU. *** Approx: 30cm x 24cm x 13cm. ( 12 inches x 9.5 inches x 5 inches ) ☽☽☽ ✴ ☾☾☾ One of my favorite baskets from Northern Thailand. Each piece is beautifully handmade by women from Phayao province. It usually…

Hmong girl ~ "Don't look at Me Like a Doll"


“Phu Lang Ka National Park” , Phayao province

Timeless beauty by john spies on 500px Mien tribal elder, Phayao province, Thailand. Taken on kodachrome slide film, early 1980's

Thai naga sculpture in a Thai temple in Phayao Province Stock Photo

Phu Lang Ka Lodge evan, the proprietor of Phu Lang Ka Lodge, is an extraordinary man. As the elected president of the Yao (Mien) people of Thailand, Kevan and his wife, Nong are very active in the community and play an instrumental role in the preservation of Yao culture and heritage. The Yao originate from the highlands of Southern China - over the years they have migrated and established communities over most of Southeast Asia. Numbering approximately 50,000 in Thailand, the Yao (Mien)…

Doi Phulangka at sunrise, Province Phayao by keangs9 Chaianan via 500px

January Festivals in Thailand Sacrificial Combined Force 2324 Monument Fair (งานฉลองอนุสรณ์ผู้เสียสละพลเรือน ตำรวจ ทหาร 2324) When: Annually at the end of January until the beginning of February Where: the memorial near the Chiang Kham Airport, Chiang Kham. Phayao Province Northern Thailand This merit making ceremony is dedicated to the civilians, policemen, and soldiers, who fought and died in their fighting with communist insurgents in 1980-early 1981

Doi Luang National Park Covers the three provinces of Chiang Rai, Lampang total area of ​​731,250 hectares was declared a national park on April 16, 2533 The topography is undulating hills. A forest of Phayao Lao Wang River and River Forest is generally a rain forest and deciduous forest. ดอยหนอก อุทยานแห่งชาติดอยหลวง พะเยา