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Meilleur vs Mieux

Meilleur vs Mieux/Meilleur/best/bäst/////// Mieux/better,bättre///J'écris bien./I write well/Tu écris mieux/You write better/Du skriver bättre/Il écrit le mieux/He writes best

5 octobre, journée mondiale des enseignants


Inès de la Fressange en couv : les coulisses

Inès de la Fressange en couv : les coulisses Plus


Album It Could Be The End - Igloo Records

FREE French Verbs Minibook: your students will enjoy creating this mini-book to help them conjugate French verbs! One sheet of paper is all it takes :)


petuliasays: Hello folks this is my fist masterpost for all Portuguese learners (or people wants to start learn Portuguese). Enjoy it! :) Learning Websites: Memrise Duolingo Rosetta Stone Busuu Where To Find Online Brazilian Portuguese Teachers: Hellolingo Street Smart Semantica Verbling Italk Dictionaries: Portuguese Dictionary Linguee Word Reference Dictionary Reverso The Best Books For Foreigners: Muito Prazer (all in Portuguese) Falar Ler Escrever Português (PDF/all in…

thvles: Romanian is one of the less appreciated Romance languages but beautiful all the same. If youre interested in learning Romanian the good news is that there are plenty of free resources available. The bad news is I havent found an extensive well-structured course that will work like magic which means that your learning process will require a little planning on your part (Ive included a link on how to make a study plan below). So yes learning Romanian is absolutely doable as long as…

Retreat in José Ignacio / MAPA

To inhabit the binomial countryside-beach entails dialogs between uses and customs intuitively disparate. Far enough away from the city but yet influenced by it, the new maritime ‘chacras’ combine opposites in coexistence: from the summer enjoyment to the winter gathering, from the sophistication of the beach meeting to the simplicity of country life. Conjugation of landscapes and practices: field and lagoon, beach and sea. © Leonardo Finotti