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Cat❤️ Many cats teeth protrude in this way. Frequently it means nothing, just a matter of how their teeth grow in. Cats don't wear braces after all. If they are angry, they lift their lips to expose their teeth in a snarl. As a threat to a perceived danger! If your cat snarls, back off, give them space and try to see if something in their environment has set them off. Sometimes if they awaken from a nasty nightmare,(cats do have them) it will happen. If it happens more than a couple of…

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Phare d' Ar Men-Finistère-Bretagne (Chaussée de l'Île de Sein, Brittany 1867~1881.

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Sophrologie- Séance de relaxation pour s'endormir ou se détendre - - YouTube

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water red Plus

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NB + couleurs graphiques …

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Les ustensiles de cuisine indispensable pour tous les geeks !


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Kill Bill: Volume 1

Uma Thurman . "Kill Bill" film de Quentin Tarantino (2003)

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Comment faire quand ton enfant fait une crise dans un supermarché?

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La photo est bien prise

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Une mutinerie dans une prison de Manaus au Brésil a viré au bain de sang : massacre, décapitations, prise d’otages et évasions ont eu lieu dans la nuit de dimanche à lundi