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you knew exactly what you were doing....just thought you'd never get caught. That's why he still lies


cheating is a punk ass escape from dealing with the reality of a relationship.

Caught Cheating – Amazing Navigator

Caught Cheating – Amazing Navigator


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A relationship isn’t a test so why #cheat? Actually it is, and if you #cheat and get caught you have failed and get kicked out. If you have cheated and haven’t been caught can you continue in your #relationship built on a web of lies? Web being the key word because eventually you will find yourself all caught up being approached by a black widow! - See more at:


It's a strange thing, calling someone "jealous" because you cheated on them, "bitter" because you abused them, and "crazy" because they caught on to your lies.

Oh you got caught cheating - YES, you did and now you have lost me and the woman you were cheating with after she found out what a player you are. I guess your little game backfired on you, huh?!?

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Once a cheater always a repeater.

Once a cheater always a repeater. #Quote #SumNanQuotes