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Prenom Berbere

Significations des prénoms Berbères masuclins


Significations des prénoms Berbères féminins


Kahila, Queen of the Berbers A woman who faced her enemies while empires crumbled, one of the most famous yet elusive women in history, Dahlia was a Berber queen.

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Elisa Gallois et Denis, Jules 12 ans, Lou 3 ans et Mia 10 mois


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Discover Kahina – which means “the diviner or the fortune-teller” – was the name given to 7th-century Berber queen Dihya. She not only resisted the Arab expansion into North Africa, she could also predict the future, the Arabs believed. The range is available at


Founded by Berber fisherman in the 10th century BC, Casablanca was used by the Phoenicians, Romans and Merenids as a port. The Portuguese then took over but after destroying the city and rebuilding it, they abandoned it in 1755 after an earthquake. The city went on to be rebuilt as Daru l-Badya (the Arabic name) by a Moroccan sultan, and was given the name Casablanca by the Spanish traders who used the port.