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Prendre Confiance En Soi

Once you create something positive for yourself, regardless of that thing that didn’t work out, you will feel that you’re ready to race any challenge that may present itself. Overcoming barriers in life may take time, but patience and perseverance make you a more resilient person. There will always be challenges in life. Confidence comes from accepting and facing those obstacles and letting them make you stronger. #ConsciousHappiness That is the way. #Meditation #Meditate #Beherenow #Buddha

10 Habits Of Optimists Be A Better Listener "When you listen you open up your ability to take in more knowledge versus blocking the world with your words or your distracting thoughts. You are also demonstrating confidence and respect for others. Knowledge and confidence is proof that you are secure and positive with yourself thus radiating positive energy."

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Who You Hang Out With At Work Matters More Than You Think

Who You Hang Out With At Work Matters More Than You Think #refinery29 How Do You Deal With Mistakes? I used to tell my staff that in nearly every case, the way they handled a mistake mattered far more to me than the mistake itself. Downplaying a mistake is one of the worst things you can do on the job. If your boss isn’t confident that you’ll give her bad news directly or be forthright about a problem, you’ll destroy her trust in you. If…

Are You An Alpha or Beta Woman? Take this quiz to find out. Me---You are a “true” hybrid: high in Alpha (76%) and Beta (58%). You are very self-confident and ambitious, and you will lead as well as compromise in a relationship. This is an unusual profile since most of us are not high in both qualities. You will match with many people, but be careful about a partner who is in the {Pale Beige} box; that relationship will be codependent since you will do all the work. Your ideal match is with…


annieelainey: Don’t ever be afraid of your bikinis, girls! Love your bodies, love yourselves, be confident and just have fun! Life is too short for self-loathing! You deserve to be happy! So embrace your body! Be thankful for what you have! You are ALIVE!! Take a DEEP breath. You feel that air? The oxygen filling up your lungs. That’s beautiful. You have all the opportunities in the world! You can do anything! I know that there is darkness in the world, there are cruel people, and shitty…


Suffering That Strengthens Faith "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet…

The process of creation is a reward in and of itself. Making manually and being in constant contact with our boards is like nothing else. The hands on approach ensures that the materials we use are properly handled throughout the movements of fabrication so that by the time you hit the water you have nothing but confidence in what's beneath your feet. We take pride in that confidence. #GlidetheGood

Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. - Martin Luther King, Jr. Fear is the great limiter in the world today. You are a Spiritual Being here on Earth to live a life without Fear.....Take the first step in Confidence, with Courage and face your Fear, Knowing that your Future will reveal itself to a Magnificient way, :). - Ivor Jones,