Lush terrace but the boxwoods need to be planted in different pots!

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love this..I'm sure I can find a tea kettle at a garage sale and paint it a really awesome color like this!!

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Fenetre avec ses jardinieres en pots terre cuite

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Bright industrial kitchen with brick walls and matte black accents.

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planteur de cactus en céramique rayures orange. porcelaine par wapa

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love how this spoon compliments the tea cup and saucer

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Good evening Ladies. Beautiful watercolour board last night! Tonight lets do a…

Top 5 etiquette skills - Miss Conduct - Give and receive compliments gracefully, write thank-you notes, write a clear and courteous business letter/email, admit when you don't know something and thus take appropriate action, and make a tasty one-pot meal.

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DIY : Luminous Glass | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

DIY : Luminous Glass | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

Un peu de pâques sur votre table

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