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"Pono" is a Hawaiian word that has a depth of meaning. Pono can mean uprightness, excellence, in perfect order, and more according to the Hawaiian dictionary. If you are living pono, you are in right relationship with all people, places, and things in your life.

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In the Hawaiian thought, being pono means being in perfect alignment and balance with all things in life. It means one has the perfect relationship with the creative energy of the universe.

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Poster created with the Keep Calm-o-matic

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Ho’opono pono Meditation Hi, my name is Sandra Rolus and I am a transformational coach & healer based in Sedona, Arizona I love inspirational quotes …

Culotte de bikini Dakine Pono Neo Argent Metallic

Robe PONO - Robes - E-shop Femme

7 Principles of Huna - Huna is one of the main foundations of who I am.

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