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PolyJet Over-Mold Reinvents 3D Printed Prototypes - TMD - Todays Medical Developments

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Impression 3D : les différents procédés

PolyJet Process

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A la découverte de Stratasys et de son siège Européen. Devenue leader mondial avec le rachat des entreprises Objet Polyjet (avril 2012) et Makerbot (juin 2013). Stratasys est installée à la frontière franco-allemande entre Stuttgart et Strasbourg. |||

Another example of FDM vs. Polyjet material properties her in this triangle matrix. The holy grail for Polyjet is to have a liquid dropped out of the print heads, cured by UV light and have the same properties of ABS at a minimum, whereas FDM starts off at the ABS level and increases with the engineering plastics available today.

The FDM material lineup. This list may not be as versatile as with Polyjet however you are creating part that is equal to their production plastic counterpart. For more information regarding FDM and Polyjet materials visit the website and look under the material section for specific material property spec sheets.

Another example for FDM and Polyjet material. Notice the white and black fixture above. Even with Polyjet material you can create a fixture that retains strength yet has an elastomer coating to prevent slipping and protection for the part surface.

Base and digital materials for Polyjet. Notice the word simulated in describing some of these materials. Compare that against the quadrant chart viewed previously. Digital ABS material, digital durometers and colors are derived from the ability to blend up to 3 or 6 materials with Connex technology.

Impression 3D professionnelle | Stratasys

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Comment l'impression 3D va révolutionner la santé

Des prothèses personnalitées aux tissus vivants, l'impression en relief offre aux chirurgiens un éventail de nouvelles possibilités.