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Loops and scrolls: More free-form and less rule-bound than the lowercase alphabet, uppercase lettering allows you to give your script a personal flourish. The seven strokes at the top of this page are used in many of the letters. Many of these uppercase letters cannot be connected to the letters that follow them, which adds to their noble appearance. As for numbers, it's important to practice numerals if you'll be calligraphing dates. Use the numbers shown here as models, breaking each ...


This is the 8 of Paris (Bold Strip) Typeface by Moshik Nadav. get it now in a special price for limited time on:


Creative Lettering Styles Alphabet Hand lettering alphabet

Lettering - Art Lettering - Hand Lettering -Typography - Calligraphy - by Chris Foster

and my biggest muse: the alphabet! there are an infinite number of ways to write out these letters and convey any feeling or meaning you'd like through the words themselves as well as the style they are written in. #inspirationRx #muse


how to write in cursive (calligraphy) - months for beginners - YouTube


This is a "Lord of the Rings" fairy-tale logotype. All of the shapes have a rounded feel to them.


Modern Calligraphy Alphabet Letters