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Vietnamese Vermicelli Bowl

Delicious Vietnamese Vermicelli Bowl with Lemongrass Chicken (or Lemongrass Tofu) cool crunchy vegetables, fresh herbs and an oil-free dressing called Nouc Cham- theres also a recipe for vegan fish sauce! Gluten free, healthy and light!


These Floating Mini Pellets are small, specially formulated, highly palatable, floating pellets are an ideal staple diet for Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens). Packed with patented ProCare for optimal health, Tetra Betta Floating Mini Pellets support your fish's immune system with precise amounts of select vitamins and nutrients. .09 ounce Handy dispenser package slides to portion out feeding amounts. Price: $1.59


Feeling a little homesick, your desert tortoise wants a meal of nopales cactus. It's not the kind of thing most folks have growing in their yard or that you'll find at the neighborhood grocery. To the rescue comes Timberline, which has a whole line of hard-to-find pet foods. There's also reptile salad (dandelion greens and other fresh greens) and Betta Bugs, wingless fruit flies that you breed, hatch and feed to your Siamese fighting fish. Priced around $5, they're available at Petco.