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Poel Emploi

To keep the visitor centre cool, strategies like large, open walkways, platforms with operable windows and doors, high roofs, generous overhangs, and an elevated structure, were employed to encourage natural ventilation. The entire structure was oriented to receive the prevailing winds while shading it from the hot afternoon sun.


Here’s How Long It Really Takes Employers to Fill Open Positions

The Urban Farmer’s Ball - Urban farming is booming. More and more people nowadays are growing food as local as possible. Local food represents a serious alternative to the global food model. It reduces “food miles”, offers fresh products all-year-round, generates employments, creates greenbelts, and strengthens cities’ resilience to climate change.

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Solar House / studio Albori

Solar House / studio Albori | The wooden frame which constitutes the weight-bearing structure is visible on the south façade – which all the internal rooms look onto – consisting in the main of windows and is open to the sun and the landscape, while it is completed with a wooden casing with robust isolation on the other sides.

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Cocoon / Mochen Architects & Engineers


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Solar House / studio Albori

Solar House / studio Albori | Solar energy is used here in three different ways: direct accumulation through the windows on the south façade, stored and released slowly by the mineral salts contained in the PCM (Phase Change Material) panes which complete the façade, transformed into electricity by the photovoltaic panels placed on the roof. The only other source of energy used by the house is the wood for the cooking stove, situated on the ground floor.

Richard Neutra The Stone/Fisher Platform House, 1961, Coldwater Canyon.

Hasle Harbour Bath by White Arkitetker

HIC*: RCR Arquitectes | Museo Soulages . Rodés