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La planche à clous Montessori pourprimaire + collège : Des 4 opérations, - Des carrés des nombres, - Des racines carrées, - Des facteurs d’un nombre, des facteurs communs à plusieurs nombres et donc du plus grand commun multiple à plusieurs nombres. - Des multiples des nombres et du plus petit multiple commun à plusieurs nombres, ce qui est très utile pour les fractions, - De la notion de nombre premier.


Greatest Common Factor or Least Common Multiple - Using Clues from Mathematic Fanatic on (6 pages)

Free download! 40 Task Cards for Greatest Common Factor. This product is printer friendly. No clip art or heavy borders requiring lots of ink! 4 cards per page. Includes answer key and printable answer recording sheet for students.

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Greatest Common Factor Dice Game

This is a Greatest Common Factor game that I came up with for my students to practice finding factors of a number, and them locating the greatest c...

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5.2 Greatest Common Factor

5.2 Greatest Common Factor. Finding the Greatest Common Factor. 9. 36. 18. 7. 28. 14. Let’s review the Cake Method. For example,. Find the GCF of 28 and 36. Hmm…. What number can divide both 28 and 36?. Hmm…. What number can divide both 14 and 18?. Hmm….