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BELGIAN LANDRACE PIGS It comes from the dutch Landrace breed with local french breeds and the Pietrain breed, to get an animal with a great conformation, more than anything for the tenderloin and serrano hams. It's adaptation to the environment isn't very good as it doesn't react well to environmental changes. This race is usually used as the paternal line in cross-breeding.

Extremidad posterior de cerdo de raza blanca (Duroc, Landrace, Large White o Pietrain). Sometida a un proceso de salado y posterior secado, reposo y maduración lenta en bodegas, para que llegue a adquirir un sabor y aroma característicos, obteniendo una pieza única. Gran reserva, más de 18 meses de curación. Peso aproximado: 8kg

piglet Close Up | Close_up of Pietrain piglet snout | Stock Photo #1841-29361

The Pietrain Pietrain, Belgium, the village from which the breed takes its name, was the birthplace of the breed. The exact origin is unknown but the local breed was "brought to the fore" during the difficult period of the pork market in 1950-51. The breed became popular in its native country and was exported to other countries, especially Germany.

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Lechonas de las razas Pietrain, Duroc y Hampshire