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Ça va être dur de se passer des aubergines, aubergines... J'écris ton nom, aubergine

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Je viens de découvrir Mon Dosha

Les caractéristiques de PITTA selon l'Ayurveda. Pour savoir si vous êtes PITTA, effectuez notre test de Dosha >

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How to be a Pitta

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Understanding The Pitta Dosha Type [Infographic]

Decisive, funny, cooperative and confident, Pittas can often be seen at the head of the pack, encouraging the ones around them to rise-up.

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Ayurveda PITTA - Learn about PITTA 1 (2), see link: #pitta #dosha #ayurveda

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Pitta rejuvenation diet. Makes sense but sucks. Everything I love is on the do not eat list. Going to look into this more.

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Stay Cool and Collected: A Daily Balancing Routine for Pitta | The Chopra Center

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Tableau des 3 dosha Ayurvéda : vata pitta kapha

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This is going to be hard bc I have equal Vata and Pitta . Built more like Vata but pitta personality....

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Tableau récapitulatif de l'alimentation à privilégier pour Pitta

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