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Pile Carte Mere

Guirlande de lampions lumineuse en papier BLACKSTAGE | Maisons du Monde


Book Jacket: The Secrets of Midwives

Vintage pearl button card from "US Button Co" in Muscatine, Iowa. Clever how the advertising focuses on a U.S. map and their company name by also claiming the letters U S stand for 'Universal Satisfaction'.... "Who's got the button?".. "We've got the button." -


20 Ways to Decorate With Book Pages

I love cushions!! Have a pile of em I made from the old kiwi teatowels I found in my mothers old 'glory box'!


Mulberry, Florida, Sinkhole. This 185-foot-deep (56-meter-deep) sinkhole appeared in 1994 in Mulberry, Florida (map), in a pile of waste material dumped by mining company IMC-Agrico. The company was mining rock to extract phosphate, a main ingredient in fertilizers and a chemical used to produce phosphoric acid, added to enhance the taste of soda and various food items. After phosphate was extracted from the rocks, the gypsum-based waste product was dumped as a slurry. As layer after layer…

Crossing the Mason-Dixon Line

Hurricane Season’s Start Brings New Storm Surge Maps - When Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast, it was not the storm’s winds but the massive pile of water those winds pushed in front of the storm that wreaked the most havoc, inundating coastal areas in 3 to 9 feet of water, causing billions in damages, and leaving dozens dead.

The Pieces of Zadie Smith

Briton, Jamaican, mother, writer, female: on becoming whole with one of this generation’s most vital literary voices.

love the design.... would make a great sympathy card


Thoughts of a Cardmaking Scrapbooker!: Vintage Take on the Same Card!

Your Reading List For January Is Officially SET

These Are Our Top Reads Coming Out In August #refinery29 The Cauliflower By Nicola Barker Out August 9 From a Man Booker-shortlisted, award-winning writer comes this brilliant novel that maps the life and legacy of a 19th-century Hindu saint. Barker examines how a single person can contain so many multitudes, and how who he is depends on the lens through which we're seeing him. To the world, Sri Ramakris...