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Pierre Le Coq Drapeau

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Le Coq wallon, adopté en 1913 par l'Assemblée wallonne pour le drapeau wallon


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Holy Roman Empire 962-1806 (Germany)

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Imperial Russia

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I like how feisty this one looks

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via Chinese bird paintings - Rooster and Chicken

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Mano a Mano: Pakistanis watch a cockfight in Kotli Sattian, 50 kilometers north of Islamabad, on Jan. 13. Though illegal, the blood sport is still popular in rural parts of the country during the winter. Animal rights activists vehemently oppose the practice. Bred for stamina and strength, the roosters often live horrible lives, reports PETA: "Many of these birds spend most of their lives tethered by one leg near inadequate shelter, such as a plastic barrel or a small wire cage." (Photo: ...

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Akbar didn't get to far, and his own religion failed. He left one heck of an empire after his death in 1605. Most of his subjects were in poverty, but the Mughals were an important commercial empire, and had world-famous cotton.

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Sri Lanka Flags