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Piano Erard

Baby grand piano, Louis Majorelle , decorator, Majorelle brothers , cabinetmaker, Victor Prouvé , drawer, Erard (House) , piano maker, Nancy , 1903 , 1904

PIANO PEDALIER ERARD Piano pedalier ERARD The pedal piano (or piano-pédalier[1] or pédalier,[2] French piano-pédalier, Italian piano-pédalier (uses the French word), Spanish piano con pedales, Catalan piano amb pedals, German Pedalflügel, Russian педальное фортепиано, Japanese ペダル・ピアノ) is a kind of piano that includes a pedalboard, enabling bass register notes to be played with the feet, as is standard on the organ.[3] There are two broad types of pedal pianos: either the pedal board may…