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Piano Electrique Occasion

50 Vintage Valentine's Day Cards


Widman electric Banjo #LardysWishlists #Banjo…

D'Angelico in1957 Ford Fairlaine green.

Opportunities for Re-cycling Insulators & Components #insulators #HV #electricity

tattooed brides can still be beautiful!!! i have a feeling this will be a much similar picture wwhen i get married :)


Set size in inches: 20"x9"x8" Package Includes: Pink Electric Piano Keyboard Microphone Stand (for the electric piano) Chair You are viewing a brand new Pin

à partir de Fast Company

Proof That Constraints Can Actually Make You More Creative

Proof that Constraints Can Actually Make You More Creative | Fast Company

Damien Hirst Custom Gibson Les Paul Goddess Electric Guitar to be auctioned with proceeds benefiting charity.


Your Thoughts Are 60% Deep You are a deep thinker when the occasion calls for it. You like to think, but you don't like to overthink. You enjoy a good mental challenge from time to time, but you're also respectful of giving your brain a rest. You like to chill out too. You believe that the key to good thinking is pacing yourself. You see the big picture and don't get lost in details. You let ideas and solutions come to you, and you give yourself time and space to think. Your best thinking…