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Big Lagoon, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Talk about my plans for travel my savings goals and about what I have planned to do in the Phillipines

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Siargao Island, Philippines | Paradise! Had an underwater dream after i watched a travel documentary about this place. Premonition?!! :D

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Kawasan Falls . Phillipines

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Canyoneering in Canlaob River Canyon, Cebu - Philippines

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Google+ - El Nido, Palawan Philippines

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Travel the Philippines: 20 Photos that will make you pack your bags and go

Rice Terraces in Banaue | 20 Photos of the Philippines that will make you want to pack your bags and travel © Sabrina Iovino |

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Tumalog Falls, Oslob, Cebu in the Philippines

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Mayon Volcano, Luzon, Philippines

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Conseils pour un premier voyage aux Philippines

Les Philippines vous ouvrent les bras pour un voyage inoubliable dans l'un des plus beaux pays d'Asie du Sud-Est. Conseils et bons plans vous attendent ici pour vous préparer à votre premier voyage aux Philippines.

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10 raisons de partir visiter les Philippines dès demain !

Paysages Voyages,Voyages Voyages,Bonnes Raisons,Manque Déjà,Tout Juste,Je Veux,Dès Demain,Partir Visiter,Partir Découvrir

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